The Great Fortntie Action Figure Switch

Things are changing in the Fortnite action figure world


McFarlane Toys revolutionised themselves when they got the Fortnite license. They started making some really good fully articulated figures. Their Fortnite line is revered amongst collectors, even people who know nothing about Fortnite. Then came along Jazwares with their 6inch and 4inch lines. Fortnite was booming on the action figure scene and proving to be quite versatile with displays. People have fun with these zany characters.

But then something happened. We noticed McFarlane Toys slowly stop releasing Fortnite characters. Everyone though that they were more focused on their new DC Line but then we noticed Hasbro come barging through the door with a Fortnite figure reveal of their own in the form of Snake Eyes in his Fortnite aesthetic from his Crossover. We now know that they will be taking over the brand which makes sense. Fortnite is doing a lot of crossovers, many of these crossovers are characters that Hasbro has the licenses to. So I expect them to make action figures from other brands like Marvel and do them in their Fortntie art style. Can you imagine a Fortntie version of Deadpool? Hasbro loves releasing Deadpool. Or a Fortnite Version of Wolverine?


Hasbro is good, I mean, their Marvel Legends and GI Joe lines are very well done and I enjoy them. So Fortnite in that style will fit well, maybe more so even. 

Hasbro has some good ideas in their Fortntie pipeline and if the figures are anything like their Marvel Legends series, we’d be in for a treat. I just hope they don’t make most of them exclusives.

I guess we have to wait till next year to see exactly where they go with this line. At the end of the day, it’s just more Fortnite figures for the shelf and that isn’t a bad thing.