Adventures Through Fortnite Creative Mode

Fortnite Creative mode is a nice change of pace…

Fortnite’s battle royale mode is the main focus of the game. There’s no doubt about that, however… recently I’ve been finding myself jumping into some creative mode matches to see what the community is playing and thanks to the new lobby system which allows players to bookmark their favourite games, I’m finding it easier to find really cool custom made levels and finding it harder to jump back into the traditional battle royale mode.



Wanna shoot some zombies? Wanna test out weapons in a pit with other players? Wanna have two teams go out in all out war in an arena? Wanna practice your building and shooting? Or do you just want to get some sneaky snipes in? Fortnite Creative has a lot going for it. I often find myself wondering how exactly players made such cool and complex games. I’ve been playing some zombie killing rouge-like games and some crazy PVP close quarters arena games and I’m inspired to make my own kind of games. The creative mode in Fortnite adds a much needed change of pace to the game. I quite like the Gun Games, especially with friends!

Fortnite as a Platform


This whole thing makes me think of the Disney Infinity games (RIP). Those games also had a fun platform where players could make their own games. I get the sense Fortnite is increasingly becoming more and more of a tool for players to make their own fun. I’m interested to see where this goes in future, especially with the upcoming Creative 2.0 which I don’t know all that much about other than the fact that it is bigger, better, more complex and that everyone is excited for it. When it will release is anyone’s guess. 

In the meantime, Fortnite remains a regular game on my list and I’ve just explored a new way to play.

Maybe I should try to make my own game… I’ll figure it out when I can.