Falling Around in Fall Guys

Fall Guys has been revived! Are you ready?

Ah, Fall Guys. If you like falling, rolling, getting smacked, falling some more and fumbling around then this game will make you chuckle. The game has gone Free to Play on all major platforms (though removed from Steam, seeing as though Epic Games bought it) and while the servers were outright broken the first day or so, the launch was a success as soon as they fixed their servers. The game has been revived with new maps and game modes added onto what was already there. A new Battlepass system which features has introduced an Ezio skin from Assassin’s Creed 2, A Xenomorph and the Dragonborn from Skyrim so far. The game has a cross save and crossplay system so everyone can play where and with who they want.


The game is just a ton of fun, albeit a tad frustrating at times when you struggle to make what is normally an easy jump or when another player grabs you as you are about to leap, messing up your momentum and causing you to fall off of the map. It takes someone with a certain kind of patience to get the most out of this game.

Fall Guys

To celebrate the launch, players who played both Fall Guys and Fortnite got some sweet rewards. If players played 100 rounds in Fall Guys they unlocked a skin in Fortnite. I hope to see more of these kinds of crossovers between the two games that are both owned by Epic Games.


But I can’t help but wonder what’s next? I expect there to be more seasons with new passes and such but with this partnership with Epic Games, how far will they be able to go with the funding they are no doubt getting?

It’s an exciting time for Fall Guys players, both new and old. Here’s to falling around to our doom over and over again!