Taking a look at The Elder Scrolls Online: The Thieves Guild DLC

Stealing stuff is fun in ESO!

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To say that there is a lot of content in The Elder Scrolls Online would be an understatement. There is a ton of content in this game, so much so that one can be forgiven for feeling overwhelmed or only getting round to some DLC years after its release. That was the case with me and The Thieves Guild DLC. I’ve been playing the game on and off since 2016 but with my new main character I decided to go through everything this game had to offer in chronological order (or the closest thing to it). So it was my first time actually grinding to finish the Thieves Guild storyline.


The zone of Hew’s Bane is tiny, though it is beautiful, then again — I have a soft spot for desert biomes in games. The city of Abah’s Landing has a distinct Redguard style which itself is inspired by various ancient Middle Eastern cultures and architecture. It really is a shame that there was no home for players to buy in this zone, as it is just a quaint and lively little area. But the main draw to it would be the Thieves Guild. Offering a skill line and questline, I had my hands full of the citizens of Tamriel’s loot. The storyline was full of betrayal and twists, like any good heist story. The characters were well rounded and each brought their own charm to the ragtag gang of thieves and by the time the questline was over I was a bit sad that it had come to an end. I really enjoyed these characters and their stories.

The skill line is very specific and benefits players who want to invest in the Thieves Guild. I went for the quicker bounties cool down skills first because that comes in handy more often than not, though you can get by without any of the skills from this DLC just fine.


The Thieves Guild DLC was a nice experience and I’m looking forward to seeing what the other DLCs offer in this ever-growing MMORPG