What I’m hoping to see at the Xbox/Bethesda Developer Direct stream

And so the year begins!

What a surprise! We are getting a live stream by Xbox and Bethesda to show off some much anticipated games. Hopefully we will get a ton of release dates, though I have my doubts about one highly anticipated game… but besides that, we are in store to see some cool games. The new Forza? Probably Redfall as well and maybe a release date of Starfield (big maybe). We are also going to see what this year’s content update for The Elder Scrolls Online is going to be which I am super excited for because it is one of my main games. I hope we will get to hear from more games as well, maybe some of the indies that were mentioned at last year’s persudo-E3 event.


Personally, while everyone wants a release date for Bethesda’s Starfield, I won’t hold my breath on that. I don’t want to be disappointed. I am expectng a deep dive into Redfall and a release date for that game as well as an update for the Indiana Jones game as well. But for me, the main event has to be ESO’s showing. They are getting their own little segment and I’m crossing my fingers for a DLC that explores more of the Redguard regions. We’ve had DLC that explores Khajiit, Nord, High Elf, Breton and Dark Elf Regions but nothing to emphasise Bosmer or Redguards. I think a Redguard based DLC will be cool so that they can fill in the parts of the map that encompass a more arid and desert scenery. Also, I’d like to hear from my old buddies at the Thieves Guild again, so maybe some characters can make a comeback!


Either way, I’m excited for the event. What are you looking forward to seeing and hearing? The event is on the 25th of January! I can’t wait!