The Death of Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online is dead, love ling Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online’s dead, baby.

The community is reeling and blasting Rockstar games for their utter lack of interest in Red Dead Online and I’m going to be honest, I agree with that sentiment.

The excuse of, “But it’s a cowboy game, not much to do there…” is utterly bogus. There was a ton they still could have done but simply chose not to. They gave some excuse of devs being put onto GTA VI but I think Rockstar just gave up on Red Dead Online and I give it a year before servers are shutdown. Despite what they say, there isn’t a ‘wealth of content’. They have left the main online storyline unfinished and there are bugs in the game that haven’t been fixed for a year.

Many fans, myself included, are utterly heartbroken and angry about this. This has left my expectations for anything Rockstar does placed firmly in the dirt. While they make cool single player games, the online options are just terrible. GTA has cool content, but it is more of a mindless game, unlike Red Dead where I was able to get fully immersed into the world that they crafted.

Red dead online

I can’t play the game anymore, it just breaks my heart with how much potential the game has but alas, greed and investors pulling strings is draining out all of the passion out of video games…which is why I’m slowly letting go of Triple A games and going in for indie games instead.


It’s a shame that Red Dead Online is left in a shallow grave. It stings. I wish Rockstar the best with their future endeavours… how I’m feeling now has left me distrustful of them and their masters over at Take2 Interactive.