A look Forward to 2023

It’s a new year which means more games!


2023 has arrived! And with it comes a ton of games.This is going to be a packed year. Redfall, Starfield, Diablo IV, Hogwarts Legacy a ton of other stuff like the back to basics Assassin’s Creed Mirage! This year is going to (hopefully) hit gamers right in the gut, but in a good way. Though our wallets may disagree.


I can’t help but wonder if we will get more updates on the Activision/Blizzard Xbox deal though I’ll refrain from going on about that as it is just a big mess right now. Though I do fully expect some Gamepass additions this year that will surprise us.

Gamepass is like a lifeline to us Xbox gamers so you can bet your ass it will get amazing games added to it.

Diablo 2




Xbox’s year was supposed to be 2022 but with the delays of Starfield and Redfall, it was a bit of a ‘business as usual’ year for them. Everyone is hoping Xbox really amps up the ante this year. They need to show us the fruits of their deal with Bethesda, and they need to give us games that really hit all the right spots. This is the year that’s make or break for Xbox in terms of their launches and their habit of revealing games too early has partly put them into this corner. While it would be nice to get Fable IV and Avowed this year I highly doubt we will… but I do expect news about those titles at some point.




We can only but pray that the games slated for this year actually hit their mark. Diablo IV is highly anticipated, and so is Starfield. But what about the other games? Well, there’s Redfall which I hope comes at us out of left field and surprises us. There is the Age of Mythology Remaster that I suspect may come out later this year and who knows what the Indie devs have in store for us. I hope Voidtrain comes to console and there is an upcoming survival game called Nightingale which I am watching like a hawk.


It’s always exciting to look forward at the year and all the potential gaming developments that will happen.


So here’s to a good 2023 for the gaming world!