So I Watched ‘Escape Room: Contest of Champions’

A quick look at Escape Room’s sequel!

I enjoyed the first Escape Room movie, it reminded me of the Saw movies while the brutal Escape Rooms were cleverly thought out. With the sequel, things were more-or-less the same, it just added to the good points of the first movie. The survivors of the original find themselves trapped with other survivors of Escape Rooms and now they all have to go through it all over again to make it out alive. The rooms were just as cleverly thought out as before, from a deadly game of hangman to a beach filled with quick sand. Honestly, I would have died in the second room, the way the characters had to solve that one made my head spin but I tried to keep track while my heart was pounding. That’s the nice thing about these movies, they make me stress–in a good way!


While this time round I felt the other characters weren’t as nicely fleshed out as the team in the fist movie, the traps were still exciting. The Acid room made my skin crawl. I shuddered during that scene more times than I have in a modern horror movie. Out of both the movies, that room was the most sadistic.

The story did have a weird plot twist that really came out of nowhere and left me scratching my head. But other than that, it just provided more of what the first movie gave and the fact that they built up another sequel is exciting though I do hope it would be the last one as this concept can only be rehashed for so long before it becomes stale.


I think a trilogy would be a nice idea, especially if (by glancing at the ending to this one) the cast is bigger with more rooms and more gruesome deaths.