Welcome To Rumbleverse!

Slam-dunking and throwing people around is fun in Rumbleverse!


Rumbleverse battle royale wrestling brawler… so instead of dropping in and finding guns; you are finding books that teach you new moves like an uppercut or a palm attack, while you find drinks that buff your health, strength or stamina. You have basic attacks as well as a super attack, which is a grapple but if you miss your target; you are left stunned for a split second, which can cost you your life. The game also allows you to climb anything which adds some verticality to it, so watch out for players who want to flop on top of you… it hurts. But luckily you can dodge and block and combine movement with combat, like running and attacking turns the attack into a dropkick. 

The combat is simple enough to get to grips with but one thing that is glaringly missing is a lock on feature, or maybe it is there but I pressed every button on my controller and I couldn’t lock on to anyone, this made combat a bit of a war with the camera. My character did automatically attack the closest enemy but often times I had to reposition the camera, which meant moving my fingers from the attack buttons.


Though, despite this, the game is fun. I enjoyed how quirky it was and I liked slam-dunking sorry sobs off a building.

The game has its moments, but I think it needs some work here and there. There is a learning curve and the camera is your worth enemy at times but it is a nice addition to the battle royale genre with a cute spin on things.