Running around during Elder Scrolls Online’s Christmas Event

Hope you didn’t skip leg day! This event requires a lot of running around!


The New Life Festival is basically Christmas in the world of Elder Scrolls Online. While the Crown Store has some Christmas themed items, the main event is the New Life Festival and also the last chance for players to earn event tickets this year. This event is quite cool as players meet up with a character named Breda who tasks us with exploring all of Tamriel to experience how different cultures celebrate the festive season, and in return we get a festive gift box that is full of random items that could be momentos or style pages, as well as event tickets to spend on either the Indrik merchant or the limited time Christmas themed items that are for sale at the Event shop.


Some of these quests involve lockpicking chests in a certain time, or running around and lighting braziers in a limited time or giving money to an orphanage and killing the wild beasts that are encroaching on their land.


So far, my favourite quest is the one in Eastmarch where I had to jump into freezing water then warm up with some cheerful NPCs at a bonfire. This had me running around all over the map to find high points to cannonball into the frigid water below.


My least favourite quest is has to be the one where I am tasked to go fish in Shadowfen. The fishing in this game is my least favourite activity due to it being so boring. Unlike New World’s Fishing or Red Dead Redemption’s where players have to actually fight the fish, in ESO it is just ‘Select bait. Press button to cast. Wait for visual cue and press button to reel in.”

It is by far the most boring fishing mechanic in a game and while I love ESO, I have completely ignored it’s fishing mechanic.


The event is fun though and it’s always nice to get cool stuff and seeing all the other players running around, doing the same thing that you are doing.

I’m enjoying my time during the event, and a lot of other players are too from what I can tell!