Looking back at ESO’s Dark Heart of Skyrim Event

A quick look at the Dark Heart of Skyrim Event

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has been embedded into gaming culture since its release back in 2011. It has become a household name and with modders always adding new things to it as well as Bethesda releasing it on everything that they possibly can, it seems that Skyrim has become immortal at this point. During the Greymoor release for The Elder Scrolls Online, which let players revisit Western Skyrim, the nostalgia was real as players ran around in places like The Reach and Solitude once more. This storyline was all about Vampires (those pesky things). The Gothic vibe of Western Skyrim was a good match for this gloomy storyline. Last month the game ran a Dark Heart of Skyrim event to celebrate the release of this chapter but having players run dailies within Western Skyrim to earn those sweet event tickets. I enjoyed the event but I was sad that for my friends who did not have the DLC, they could not have joined. It would have been nice to at least let them be able to run around with me during the event. Alas, I went solo and did dailies that involved taking of Ancient Dwemer constructs, battling Harrowstorms (more on this later) and killing Vampires, of course.

The Harrowstorms were my favourite aspect of the daily tasks. These are the zone’s anchors from the main game, where a swarm of strong enemies and bosses gather at a certain location and players have to team up to take them out. These Harrowstorms were more engaging than the base game’s anchors. It was fun running to one to see other players patiently waiting for the storm to start then all running back to the quest giver to get our tickets. The event just highlighted aspects about the Greymoor DLC that worked well and while I have yet to do the storyline (because I am doing it in chronological order) I am excited to return to Western Skyrim one day and explore more of this Gothic tale of blood and fangs!