Christmas Comes to Fortnite!

What a jolly old time in Fortnite it is!

Do you hear that? Amongst the explosions and gunshots… Sergeant Winter’s truck has returned to Fortnite and with it comes a slew of Festive decorations and gifts for players of Fortnite. Once again, players can enter the cabin in the lobby and open one gift per day (these stack by the way so don’t worry about skipping a day because you have until January 3rd to open them all!)

I love this time of year in Fortnite. Running around a map where the bushes all have Christmas lights and the buildings are decorated really adds to the theme of December. And I like free stuff! So the cabin is always a nice touch. There’s nothing quite like spreading the Christmas spirit like a shotgun blast to the face… I mean, this is a Battle Royale at its core. The shop is full of Christmas skins as well and everything is just so jolly and in the spirit of spreading the joy of Christmas that it makes me want to sing… oh no, here we go…


Oh there’s loot to be found

So hit the ground when you hear the sound

Of bullets at your feet

So spread the cheer and watch out for that boar—never-mind

Where did you learn to steer?

Oh dear, don’t you fear when Christmas time is near

Because there’s loot to be found

And Victory Royales to had!

So grab a friend, or a squad

And f*ck shit up in Fortnite this year!

Because it’s Christmas time!

And I’m running out of words that rhyme

Oh what a time to be alive in the top five!

Open a gift and take a rift!

To Fortnite’s nifty new map this year

Oh there’s loot to be found

So I hope you catch a crown

Because Christmas has come to Fortnite… this year!