Surprise! Fortnite Chapter 4 is here!

Fortnite Chapter 4 adds a ton of new things as well as a face-lift to the game!


Woah! Updated graphics, new map, new mechanics, an amazing Battlepass, new guns! It’s a new Fortnite!


So Chapter 4 brought a ton of changes to the game, from visual changes to gameplay changes and I’m loving every second of it.

Here are all the things that I’m swooning over.


Unreal Engine 5.1


They did it! They brought Fortntie into Unreal Engine 5.1 and the game looks amazing. Lighting is out of this world, the colouring is so crisp and cinematic looking. Stones are layered ontop of the ground. The light reflects off different surfaces and everything just looks so much better, including the characters! I was blown away when I booted it up for the first time. Another nice detail has been that older characters have gotten their footsteps overhauled to better match their shoes and weight. This has really been a push to make Fortnite on par with modern Consoles and graphics cards and I’m all for it.

New Stuff


They added a perk system! While players survive, they get a rotation of perks ranging from quicker reloads to marking enemies who are shot and a slew of others. It’s a nice feature and adds a little bit of light class building to group play.


The Map


The new map has a colourful Medieval/futuristic vibe to it (Dungeon Punk according to the internet) with grand castles and quaint villages, all with sliding doors and magical elements. The map is more sparse and open which makes the new dirt bike such a fun vehicle to use. Players can jump, do flips and stunts with it because why not? This is Fortnite. I’m loving the blend of Medieval, fantasy and modern elements in this map. They’ve also added new weapons, like a twin mag SMG and a Big hammer that players can jump around with before slamming it on top of their foe’s head. There is also a rifle that shoots a sword that blows up and they re-added bows!

The Battlepass


I was a tad disappointed with the last two passes. But this pass added some surprises. Geralt of Rivia and Doomguy have jumped into Fortnite. The Original skins in the pass are fun too, from skateboarders to a crazy looking Teenage ‘best girl’ type Vampire Hunter. The pass is a lot of fun with quirky and cool characters.


Overall, Fortnite’s forth incarnation has my heart melting, palms sweating and mouth drooling. This game is beautiful and due to it being easily accessible, fun and quick, it just works!