A Look at the Fortnite Chapter 3 End Event

The new Fortnite Event was a little… uhm, yeah….

Fortnite is famous for its live events, whether it’s a live performance by a musician or a season event that ends the season off with a bang. Players flock to partake in these events and normally leave them with a gaping jaw. I’ve always liked the events and look forward to them when they come round, and I was expecting a big event for the end of Chapter 3 (which only lasted for a year) and while the event was one of the longest events in Fortnite History, it was a little on the boring side? This is just my personal opinion, but I’m used to action-packed events, not slow collector-thon events. After the island was Destroyed in a cinematic trailer, players had to collect fragments of the Zero point so that it could rebuild a new island before we had a cutscene that showed the zero point mashing together different landmasses and creating a new map for us to explore. While we did get some interactions that showed players new and old some flashbacks to see how previous islands were destroyed, the best part of this event was actually the little event lobby where my friends and I spent eleven minutes waiting around a random TV screen that had a countdown. We were dancing and laughing our asses off at my one friend who went as a Werewolf and did a ridiculous chicken dance. What is this game even? But the event itself was by far the most lacklustre event that I have attended. Which is a shame because if was my one friend’s first event as he is a fairly new Fortnite player.


Hopefully, the next event will be as action-packed as previous events that excite players and leave them utterly flabbergasted like I have been over and over during my long journey in the world of Fortnite.