My Thoughts on Dune

I watched Dune and you should too! Here’s why

I’m just going to say this right off of the bat, I have never watched a movie that quite looked and sounded like the latest Dune adaptation by Denis Villeneuve. The movie was based off the classic Frank Herbert novel of the same name and has seen a movie adaptation by David Lynch in the 80’s but that one was classified as a bomb.

This time round the movie has done well for itself on the box office as well as HBO Max and with good reason too. The film is phenomenal; the cast was great and the soundtrack by the legendary Hans Zimmer was incredible. It has been weeks since I watched it and I’m still thinking about it. I can imagine this is the audience that watched Star Wars: A New Hope in the 70’s felt like. In fact, this is to our generation what Star Wars was to the moviegoers in the 70’s.

It is an incredibly long film with a slow paced first Act but once it picks up you embark on this wild ride full of treachery, loss, rage and violence as the characters have to fight for survival while altering the future of this universe.

The cast did an amazing job too, especially Timothée Chalamet who played the lead role.

The movie is building up a sequel as this only covers about half of the first book in the series so the ending leaves you wanting more so I was even more excited to learn that Part 2 has been green lit.

We could have just witnessed the birth of a new cinematic franchise that will replace the void left in the chests of many sci-fi fans in recent years.

I urge you to go see this film on the big screen as it was such a good experience.