My Impressions of Netflix’s Wednesday

Another hit from Netflix which will no doubt span a new franchise for them!

The Addams Family was a staple part of my childhood. From cartoons to movies, I was drawn to this crazy family on my screen as a child. This could be in part why I have a certain fondness for the macabre. Another big part of my childhood was Tim Burton movies. So when Netflix announced a new Addams Family spin off show with Burton behind it, I jumped for joy. Then they announced Babysitter: Killer Queen star Jenna Ortega as Wednesday and I got even more excited after following her career since seeing that movie.


I can tell you right off the bat, this show does not disappoint but you don’t really need me to tell you that as it has broken records made by Stranger Things, Netflix’s other most popular show. This show took m by surprise by putting everyone’s favourite morbid  Addams Family member and growing her up to a teenager and putting her in a boarding school for kids who are part of the macabre world of Addams Family. So at first I thought, “Oh, like Harry Potter?”

Then they added some murder and mystery to the mix and I thought, “Oh, like Nancy Drew or Sabrina?”

This was basically a ‘Who Done it?” kind of story but with a classic Addams Family flare and an amazing performance by Jenna Ortega. Though I must say, Thing stole the show for me. I loved seeing that severed hand flop around and run around the screen. The show has shown it not only has potential but has the merit to run with said potential. I was completely engrossed in it and I enjoyed every second of it. I’m looking forward to see what comes next as there will no doubt be a season two. As for now, if you haven’t seen it yet, go give it a watch! Snap-snap!