So I Watched Oats Studios

Want to watch something weird? Gvie this a go.

I don’t even know how I’m going to word this article. A while ago I came across something called ‘Oats Studios’ on Netflix. I had no idea what this was but I saw that it was made by none other than Neill Blomkamp. This isn’t a story or anything but rather a collection of short stories made by his indie production group. I like indie films and how they do their own things while the big movie companies reel their teams in to be more market friendly… so I decided to give this a watch.


These really are just a bunch of very short episodes of random ideas and stories but with some good acting and amazing special effects! Some of the episodes were a bit of a hit and miss while others left me wanting more only to find out that there was no more to be shown of those worlds and characters, which left an empty pit in my gut. Though I suppose one could argue these are just snippets of ideas and that a proper conclusion would ruin the stories, as their open ended-endings are a part of the narrative design. Either way, some of these were full of SCP inspired Sci-Fi horror, one even starred Sigourney Weaver, while others felt like very dark comedies.


The ideas were interesting. My favourite was about a solider in Vietnam who encounters a reality bending enemy who I think can throw someone into an alternative universe… I think…

But anyway, this whole episode is about this creature who can do these sorts of things and the main guy needed a suit that grounds him in his reality to fight the monster. But we never see that fight! It was just a build up. That really grinded my gears but I’m hoping we get a follow up to that one.


In a lot of ways, this reminded me of Love Death & Robots. So if you liked that show, check it out!