This is why you should play Hades

What a gem of a game this is!

Rogue-lites are a lot of fun. A constant ‘two steps forward, one step back’ gameplay loop. They challenge players to get better, try harder, adapt, die and try again over and over and over again— all while getting some upgrades that make their next run a little easier. Hades is a rouge-lite that sees you playing as the son of Hades while you try escape the Greek Underworld while discovering the true nature of your birth along the way.

The Escape


Escaping Hades is no small task. Players will die a lot. It can get frustrating, but for every death you have gotten better. The Realms of the underworld are quite varied. You’d be fighting in dank dungeons, dodging lava planes and fighting through lush psychedelic looking fields. The Gods Boon System is a lot of fun too. Players have no idea what they’d get and so they have to rely on adapting to the boons that come their way. You might get a boon from Zeus and Poseidon or get something from Aries instead. The boons are diverse and varied, forcing players to be thoughtful about what they pick and how they use them. Then again, it is all by chance. Adapting is key.



The main hub of the game is a nice touch. Players can purchase upgrades for their home as well as some health fountain rooms that can be put into rotation for their escape attempts. The voice acting is also well done and the characters are quite interesting to talk to. The game’s art style reminds me of the anime Blood of Zeus, so much so that I recently re-watched it after playing this game.

The Bosses


The bosses are insane in this game. At first I have no idea how the devs expected us to kill them until I started noticing little things. The pillar at the top of the arena in the Witch’s Circle encounter provides some cover from their insane attacks, albeit for a while.

The bosses are fun to fight, especially since the music that plays while fighting them is really cool. Like a mix between ancient Greek music and metal, I love it.

Hades will try your patience. It will annoy you. It will break your soul. But it will always make you feel proud of yourself and will make you cheer when you finally kill that boss for the first time, even if you are left with an inch of health.

So yes, go play this game!