So I Watched Vikings: Valhalla

Here’s my thoughts on the new spinoff Vikings show

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting all that much from the Vikings Spinoff Sequel show titled Valhalla. The original show was so good and so well cast that I felt it was complete. When I heard Netflix was making a sequel series, I was like, “But why?”


I didn’t care much for it until I gave it a watch and boy, was I wrong to doubt it! The show captures the magic of the original with a new cast of characters and actors, a new story and an interesting dynamic between the Christian and Pagan Norsemen. The story is set about a hundred years after the original and although some of the locales are familiar, it feels like I am a stranger in a familiar land. The new characters are well fleshed out and I enjoyed their interactions as well as the political intrigue that unfolds.

 The show is still a Vikings show, there be gore here and some raunchy scenes. It really is just Vikings 2. The impact the legendary characters of the first series have left on the world is still felt in this series and I loved that they mentioned their exploits, as they should because it is a part of their history.


The show has garnered a lot of praise and seasons 2 & 3 have been renewed. This goes to show that there is a market for historical fiction on Netflix and judging how great the sets and production value was, Netflix knows this. They are putting a lot in their historical and fantasy shows, which is making me even more excited about their Conan the Barbarian series. If Netflix keeps bringing out bangers like Vikings Valhalla, then they have nothing to worry about when it comes to Amazon’s Wheel of Time and Lord of The Rings series. They can compete so long as they keep this magic flowing.



Valhalla is currently streaming on Netflix!