My Impressions of V-Rising

Watch out! This game will sink its fangs into you! And it will feel good too…

We don’t get many Vampire themed games. So when V-Rising came along, I was quite excited about it. I like survival games and Gothic Vampires are cool, so I got it day one of launch. While I avoid PVP in survival games like the plague, I went into a friend’s server and we played the PVE content. Over 70 hours later and I can confirm the game is a lot of fun on the PVE front but once you hit a certain point, there’s nothing else to do and you’ve practically finished it, which is not a bad thing because you can say you’ve conquered the game… at least until new updates come along.

V Rising banner

This is by far one of the most polished early access games I have played. There has been the odd glitch here and there but it is way more polished than other games in the early access phase that I have played.


The game also looks good, and the world is quite interesting, with it being more populated the more north you go. After I attacked a farm and killed the farmer’s wife, it dawned on me that I was the bad guy in this story. Being a Vampire means one needs to feed. And the type of blood you drink changes your perks. If you eat a worker 100% worker, for example, you can harvest faster. If you eat a 20% creature, you only get some of the perks associated with that blood type. The game also pushes you to go hunt bosses to drain them and learn new crafting recipes for better gear. At first, these bosses are daunting, but it came to the point where I would easily kill one and tell my friend, “Remember when this lady was so hard to kill?”

But with all of that comes a considerable time sink as this game is grindy as hell. You need to do a lot of harvesting and pillaging to get the things you need to craft, which is why the majority of those 70-odd hours I have put into the game is just me gathering stuff.


But when you do fight, the combat shines. It is so fast-paced and flows so well, I really enjoyed the combat.


V-Rising will sink its teeth into you, but you need to have the time to fully enjoy it. If you do, you should check it out as there is a lot of PVE content to do.