So I Watched The 7th Day

Should you give this film a shot? Meh, maybe read this first

Ever since I saw the brilliant, ‘The Exorcist’ and then the Scary Movie parody, I’ve had a fondness for possession movies. There’s something eerie about someone losing control of their body to a supernatural force who, essentially, just wants to troll their loved ones and test the faith of the priests who have to deal with their nonsense.

It’s fun. Hell, maybe I’m a demon because I enjoy trolling people? Anyway, as my fingers race across this keyboard with a mind of their own, let us consume your… I mean, let me tell you about this little movie I watched called ‘The 7th Day’.

I have some mixed opinions about this one. My biggest draw to it was the fact that none other than Guy Pearce was a main character. I found his character quite enjoyable, being an Exorcist Priest who cusses and smokes and is more of a badass than anything else. Though the plot of the movie was a little bland. It followed the traditional tropes of a child being possessed and in need of saving, but the movie just stumbles from one shocking moment to the other, and so quickly. I felt rushed. The big twist that was revealed in the last few moments of the film was a dead-ringer. I called it from the middle of the movie and when it was finally revealed; I shook my head as it was blatantly obvious. Though, unlike The Rite, the main character kind of just… dealt with everything?

I’m still confused about how he won the day by punching a glass cabinet to chase the demon off. I don’t think the writers were very sure either. Things just happen in this movie and it’s not fully fleshed out.

So… can I recommend this movie? While it had gore and some messed up scenes, I’d pass unless you really like Guy Pearce, who tried to carry the movie on his shoulders as best he could with the amount of screen time that he got.