Opinion: Are Triple A Games losing their Spark?

I find myself drawn more to Indie games than big budget games… am I the only one?

I’ve been a little over ‘Triple A’ games these days. Games with high budgets being made by huge companies are slowly losing their spark in my opinion. It seems that these big budget games just refuse to take risks and try new things and just stay to the same old tricks over and over, to play it safe. A friend of mine compared them to radio songs. You can hear when a song is made for radio, as it has mainstream qualities that makes it sound similar to other songs. The video game industry has gone the same way, meanwhile the indie games are trying new things and raking in a lot of support simply because they can afford to take risks. We all know that the minute investors come into play, creative freedom gets trampled on because you are dealing with someone else’s money. But with the indie games, they are spending their own money (or the money of their backers who knew what they were signing up for) so they can do what they want within their budget, and despite these smaller budgets, they are making some really cool things. Look at V-Rising for example, that is a cool indie game with an open world and survival mechanics that tie in with the idea of Vampires.

V Rising 2

Or take Foxhole, an online persistent war game. I’m gravitating towards indie games more so now that I have a capable laptop. Most of the games on my Steam Wishlist are indie games. There’s just something fresh about these smaller in scale but wider in creative freedom takes on video games, which is leaving the soulless Triple A section in the dust.


It’s not to say that there aren’t Triple A games that are good, and I wouldn’t say that these games are bad, but they are limited to some extent, despite their budget. So let’s hope that creative freedom has its leash loosened just a bit in future.