So I Watched Netflix’s Kate

Kate is a fast paced action movie from Netflix but is it a good watch?

I’m just going to be blunt. This was a good movie. It had flaws, but it was still a lot of fun to watch. Produced by a producer of Atomic Blonde the movie follows a badass assassin named Kate (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) who operates in Japan under her mentor ‘V’ (Woody Harrelson). Kate is poisoned before a hit and has to avenge herself before her clock runs out. It’s a simple story and had some curve-balls here and there but to be honest, I could see these twists and turns from the trailer already.

The Fight Scenes


I’m personally viewing the movie as a spiritual successor to Atomic Blonde. The colourful neon light aesthetic is in your face, the gritty fight scenes are so well done and the movie is just brutal. I actually hit rewind on a few fight scenes so I could see a move again. The fights were so well done in this movie, especially a fight scene between Kate and a flamboyant Yakuza member in a kitchen (played by Miyavi). I rewatched that fight scene about three times just because of how amazing it was.

The Twists


Kate is a good movie. It serves well as an action movie. It’s fast-paced and fun and the cast were really good however, a glaring issue is that the movie is predictable so much so that I saw the big twist from the trailer already… I won’t reveal what it is because of spoilers, but the way the story was set up the big shocker wasn’t so much of a shocker and was more of a “Called it!” moment. But this didn’t hinder the movie at all. It was still a lot of fun to watch and Mary Elizabeth Winstead wears the action heroine well.

Kate is available on Netflix.