So I Watched Netflix’s Night Teeth

Night Teeth is a new vampire movie from Netflix, is it worth your time though?

I like vampires, I don’t particularly like moody little vampires who sparkle, but I do enjoy a good old story about brutal vampires killing each other and any who are unfortunate enough to come across them, I grew up with Blade and The Underworld movies, that’s how I came to enjoy creatures of the night. When I saw the trailer for Netflix’s Night Teeth, I was intrigued. A story about a young student who ends up being a driver for two rich girls who want to party at different clubs all night but it turns out these two ladies are ruthless vampires who have just started a hostile takeover of the vampire underworld in Los Angeles.


All of this happens to the backdrop of a very interesting world. The intro of the movie set up an intriguing vampire underworld that immediately made me think of Vampire: Masquerade. Actually, I think this film could pass as a Masquerade story if it had the copyrights to that property because it felt heavily inspired by the classic game, Bloodlines, that also took place in LA. Though that could be said for many vampire stories as Vampire: The Masquerade took all of the folklore about our favourite bloodsuckers and bunched them up in one big bundle, so one could argue we would see traces of it in all Vampire stories, either way, the whole style of this movie made me think of Bloodlines and made me pine for Bloodlines 2 which seems to be in limbo right now.


Night Teeth has some flaws, the action is few and far in-between and there are some things that made no sense to me, especially with the main bad guy and one little detail of his plan that was unfounded to me, namely the fact that he expected one character stick to his job as a driver after he just had his girl kidnapped? What? I don’t understand what the big bad’s plan was there. Also, a lot of good characters died off screen. I would have liked to see the chaos unfold and when it does unfold we are stuck with it happening in the background. It felt like a tease, though the movie is still fun… I would have liked to see more of vampires fighting.


Night Teeth is currently available on Netflix.