WTF Did I Just Watch?: The Lighthouse

I like watching weird movies! Here’s another for the list

Hey, I like a good old slow burn horror. I also like it when it associates itself with the ocean because it reminds me of Lovecraft’s work which I adore. I also like a movie with a good cast and a unique approach. I went into Robert Eggers’ The Lighthouse expecting it to be wild, much like The Witch was. But this was on another level of weird, which was amplified by the acting of Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe. The movie is about two lighthouse keepers living in isolation on an island as they, as their job title dictates, maintain a lighthouse. But things are a little spooky on this island—from a strange mermaid idol to some weird behaviour from Willem Dafoe’s character. The entire movie is shot in a small square frame and in black & white. It really did feel like an old movie. The set and dialogue was spot on, much like it was in The Witch.

One thing that I must say about this movie is that, while it may be slow and confusing at times, the slow burn cut deep. I was left trying to figure out what just happened by the end of it and I quickly picked up on the symbolism behind the movie’s final scene. Watching Robert Pattinson’s character slowly lose his mind as he succumbs to drink and sexual frustration was one hell of an experience. I felt sorry for the character, especially since his entire existence was reduced to doing hard labour while Willem Dafoe’s character belittled him during the day and then became a completely different person by night, being friendly and talkative… talk about mixed signals.


The movie won’t be for everyone as it is quite slow, similar to The Witch. But when the action does happen, it hits hard and leaves you with a frown on your face as you try figure out what is reality and what is just a fragment of the character’s imagination or if the entire thing is just one big lie. It’s up to you to decide.