The Best Time of The Gaming Year

The end of the year approaches! Weill you spend it in your most loved games?

I have always maintained that October-December is the best time for the games that I play, namely because of the seasonal events. Halloween celebrates all things spooky, so the games throw on their best ‘spooktacular’ events for the ghouls and freaks of the world. Horror is one of my favourite genres and celebrating it in my favourite games is a ton of fun. Ash Williams from The Evil Dead Franchise was added to Fortnite this year, and he sported his Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn look, which is my favourite movie from the franchise — it was so groovy.


The Elder Scrolls Online had their Witches’ Festival, which saw players running around, collecting Plunder Skulls packed with goodies. These skulls dropped from bosses so bumping into players keen to do world bosses of dungeons was quick and easy. It really highlighted the community of the game which was nice.


These were the only two games I had time for during Halloween and they will probably be the only two that I have time for during the next big seasonal event: Christmas!


Fortnite normally has amazing Christmas events. Hopefully, this year players can return to Crackshot cabin to get a free gift during the fourteen day event. And of course, expect the map to be covered in show and festive decorations. Though snow is the last thing on the minds of players in the Southern Hemisphere during December.


There’s nothing quite like spreading the Christmas cheer, like blasting someone in the face! Sorry… I don’t know where that came from…


I haven’t actually been playing ESO during the Festive season so this will be my first time. I’m looking forward to experiencing whatever it is that ESO offers during the December holidays. If it is anything like the Halloween event, then I’m all for it.


So when you knock off work for the year, throw your feet up, make some Hot Chocolate and play some video games! It is the way of us Gamers, after all.