Opinion: The Sims 4 Needs more Supernatural Content

Sims 4 isn’t in the best of states right now. But here is something I hope the game adds in the future.

I’ve been playing Sims since Sims 1. The doll-house like game has been a big part of my life and I love building houses that I wish I had and telling crazy stories with these virtual people. When Sims Making Magic came along, I fell in-love and so did many other players who could finally recreate their ‘The Craft’ characters and make their Sims live in this magical world. Sims Making Magic really changed the appeal to the Sims for me and while there were some freaky things in previous expansions — Making Magic went all out on the things one could do.


So when Sims 2 came along, I was already hooked with the aspect of aliens and then werewolves and vampires, Plant people and all sorts of creepy Sims! I remember getting excited for each expansion just to find out which supernatural creature would make its debut. I had a Sim who was a zombie, run a general store… on a cemetery which I named ‘Simetery’, and yes, it was haunted. That was fun!


Sims 3 came along and during its run it had an expansion pack dedicated to the Supernatural and introduced Werewolves (again), Faeries, Zombies (but overhauled), a re-worked Vampire system and Witches.

Sims 3 Supernatural

Sims 4 has Vampires, Mermaids, Witches and the like, and Werewolves have recently been added but yet pack dedicated to the ghouls and freaks of the world. There is a really cool zombie mod and some other creepy stuff mods can put in the game, but I miss the days of the Sims somehow cramming something totally obscure in a pack, like Sims 2’s Apartment Life had Witches… why even? Not complaining, but how did Witches match with Apartments?

Sims 4 has been blasted for being stingy on the Expansion packs in terms of content. Why bunch everything together when you can make each little thing its own pack. Business wise-it makes sense. But I hope they aren’t so busy doing these little things that they neglect the Occult stuff in the game. This game could do with some more monster content for us horror fans. The Sims is quirky and even more so with the crazy stuff in it.

It’s considerably lacking in the world of The Sims 4, which is a shame.