So I Watched The Midnight Club

It’s all ghost stories and mystery in The Midnight Club and I love it!

The Midnight Club is the latest offering from Mike Flanagan. Having enjoyed his previous work on Netflix, especially Midnight Mass, I decided to jump headfirst into this series and I was not disappointed. It’s that slow burn horror that I enjoy—though it did have jump-scares, I quite enjoy an eerie setting with interesting characters and twists and turns along the way. The story revolves around some youngsters who are terminally ill and have gone to a hospice to live out the rest of their days in comfort. Though there is a tradition… at midnight the group meets up in the library where they tell ghost stories. These ghost stories were dramatised, and we saw some familiar faces from Flanagan’s previous works. It gave off some Goosebumps vibes as each story was its own thing and I found myself engrossed in both the main narrative and the cult history of the hospice and well as the ghost stories that were told in each episode.


It was a lot of fun, albeit a bit sad, as well as the characters come to terms with their lives that have been cut short. There were a lot of emotions in this story and I liked that. The cast were good at portraying these characters and I found myself getting attached to them.


While it wasn’t as eerie as say, Midnight Mass—it had its moments. The ghost stories were my favourite and the main narrative poked my curiosity as the mystery of the hospice was revealed in stages. The season ended with a lot of questions left unanswered and I am dying to know more so here’s hoping for a season two, one that will explore the shenanigans happening behind the curtains of the hospice and introduce new characters.


The Midnight Club is streaming on Netflix!