Running around in ESO’s Witches’ Festival

You get a plunder skull! You get a plunder skull! Everyone gets a plunder skull!

Halloween has come to Tamriel, and with it, the Witches have arrived as well!


The Witches’ Festival is the time for all things spooky and players will have to kill world bosses, run dungeons and delves and do events to nab these little plunder skulls that are filled with goodies, like items needed to get the new skeleton painted bear dog pet, Players can also get some event tickets for buying stuff from the event ticket shop or earn an array of crafting style motifs and outfit style pages. Players can also get special Witch Writs which require them to craft witchy delicacies that can net them some nice rewards. Though these writs are random drops in plunder skulls so the grind is real in ESO this week as players are running around and doing what they can to earn these skulls.


The event has been a lot of fun so far and I’ve been enjoying it with my ESO friends, both new and old alike. We’ve slain so many bosses, sped through so many dungeons and crafted a few meals befitting of a Witch and we’re still addicted to chasing these plunder skulls down and getting what we can when we can.


I’ve already gotten my hands on the cute bear dog and I’ve nabbed a few style pages to boot. Though even if I were to get everything during this time, I’d probably still grind this event because of how fun it is. It highlights one of the best features of this game and that is running the dungeons and world events. Some of these things are hard, so grouping up is a must, which is quite easy given how eager everyone is. This event has really highlighted the community of ESO, a community that doesn’t seem to be dying down any time soon.