Fortnitemares Returns!

But is it as good as previous years?

Every October Fortnite gets its spooky pants on and this year was no different, though I’d admit, it hasn’t been as good as previous years. The Halloween event this time round sees the return of Horde Rush mode as well as a new boss to fight in game and an Evil Dead crossover. While I love The Evil Dead and Ash Williams is by far my favourite horror character, this year’s Halloween event feels like it has been side-lined. The item shop, while having spooky offers every day, these are put all the way at the bottom of the store while the DC and Rick & Morty characters are right up top. It feels like Fortnite has contractual obligations to prioritize over their own thing and it shows in the event. It just feels like Halloween was put on the back burner this year. While the wolf mask that transforms players into ‘almost’ werewolves where they can sniff out other players and use their claws to attack, is a cool feature, it pales in comparison to turning into ghosts from a few years ago.


The new boss fights are intense though, and it is scary when she screams and starts throwing firefly jars at players, but besides her and jump scare zombies—that’s about it.

While previous Halloween events have been better, this year’s Fortnitemares did bring a whole lot of fun, creative mode games, from scarily dark PVP games to an open world circus game as well as fun, fast-paced zombie maps. There’s something for everyone in the creative mode section.


I just hope the Christmas event will be better than the Halloween one this year. With rumours that this chapter is ending sooner rather than later, it may make sense why Epic Game’s minds are elsewhere. The event is still fun, don’t get me wrong, but it has been better in the past.