So I Watched Child’s Play 2019

A quick look at the 2019 Child’s Play Reboot.

Ah, Chucky, the murderous doll that gets off on the letting of blood. He has become an icon in slasher/horror and most people have heard of the name ‘Chucky’. Recently, I watched the Child’s Play (2019) which is a remake of the classic film which modernises the story and while die-hard fans turned their noses up to this movie, I quite enjoyed this new take on the character, so much so actually that I prefer it as well.


There will be minor spoilers ahead. Don’t worry, I won’t mention who dies or anything, but there are some story details that I have to include in this article.


A New Chucky

This time round, Chucky is a doll that has complex artificial intelligence in his little brain. But after a disgruntled worker tampers with his safety parameters, Chucky ends up getting a different idea for ‘play’.

This gave the movie a completely different tone compared to the original movies. Opposed to being a possessed doll, this version of the little slasher really didn’t know right from wrong. He just wanted to make his human happy and, due to his child-like ignorance, he just did what he felt was right. When he saw his child get hurt by someone, he then tried to hurt them back and seeing the look of confusion on his face when he was told to stop was really convincing. But eventually, this protective nature of his becomes obsessive and the story takes a very dark turn.

Mark Hamill as the voice of Chucky made him even scarier, though the part that stuck out the most was the fact that Chucky thought everything he did was right. He was less sadistic than the original Chucky, but this didn’t make him less brutal. He was still clever and planned out his attacks, though in his mind he was just doing the ‘best’ for Andy.