Worms Ultimate Mayhem (The Game That I Have bought Thrice)

After getting this game a third time, I still love it!


I have always had a soft spot for The Worms franchise. The funny dialogue the worms say and the strategy involved is makes the game really fun. I also like the weird and wonderful weapons and how players can troll each other. Worms Mayhem is one of the few 3D offerings in the franchise and it is by far my favourite Worms game. So much so, that I have bought this game three times over.


The first time was when I was still in school. I bought the game from the mall for my PC. Those were simpler days. I played the game a few times and even took it to my IT class at school where we didn’t do much work, our teacher at the time marked us on how well we did at a Counter Strike LAN, this is why I suck at technical things on the Computer but can aim straight in games. Worms Mayhem was fun to play with my friends, but then I moved to another school and I reverted to playing against the AI at home. I didn’t have very good internet at the time, so online play wasn’t a thing for me until I got an upgraded line and bought the game a second time for Xbox 360.


This time, all the DLC was included, so I had even more to do with extra levels and challenges to complete as well as playing online.


Recently, I have gotten my paws on an actual gaming laptop that can run things much better than my eleven going on twelve-year-old laptop that I used in my highschool days (the thing overheats when I’m in Microsoft Word). Though my laptop doesn’t have a CD-Rom and even if it did, the Worms Mayhem game that I originally bought for PC was given to my younger cousins.


While browsing Steam I stumbled across Worms Mayhem on special and it came with all the DLC, so I decided to get it for a third time and the game is everything I remember it to be. I can’t find a multilayer game so I’d have to try convince my friends to get it as well, but the game still holds up to being my most loved Worms game. I like the art style and the customisation options. The maps are cute and the missions challenging. So yes, I’ve bought this game three times in my life. This will probably be the last time and I’m glad that I just happened upon the opportunity to stroll down memory lane with a game from my childhood.