So I Watched ‘The Unholy’

A rather tame possession story though still worth a watch if you want something to keep you busy

So I’ll just say right off the bat, Possession stories are my guilty pleasure and Netflix is full of them! I also like Jeffrey Dean Morgan, so when I saw a possession movie featuring him I had to click on it. Though I’ll be honest, while it was entertaining, I found it a bit slow…


I liked Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s character. A journalist who fell from grace after faking stories ends up intertwined in the miraculous recovery of a deaf girl who can perform miracles in a small town. Though things are not as they seem as the root of these powers are not entirely ‘holy’. The story does have some good intrigue, and the opening was quite powerful but after a while it just becomes very tame. No screaming maniacs being tied to a bed while a pastor performs an exorcism, and no real action. The movie was just everyone in awe of this girl while slowly reading about/or getting visions of the origin of the spirit that had given her these powers.


The spirit in question was scary and kind of like a Jaws type thing where we see her lurking, but we only see her true form by the end of the movie. The best thing about this whole story would be the characters. They were believable and flawed, which I liked. The main character had a redemption arch. But the magic of the dark, gritty horror scenes from the intro of the film quickly tapered down, which was so disappointing. Maybe for the average moviegoer it wouldn’t be the case, but as someone who thrives on these movies, I found it a too tame.


If you enjoy these movies, I’d say give it a go, but don’t expect anything too intense. It won’t scare you or make you feel uncomfortable, it will just be a good distraction for a bit.