Playing Lego DC Super Villains  

A quick look at yet another Lego Game!

Not going to lie, Lego Marvel Superheroes was and still is my favourite Lego Game. But a close second would be DC Super Villains, though the reasoning for its second place really just boils down to preference (hey, at least I’m honest enough to admit it) but on a gameplay level, I felt the Hub world in Marvel’s outing was begging me to explore it more than the world here.


Despite the fact that Batman is my favourite Superhero, I actually have more characters I like in the Marvel side of things than I do in DC. I am a casual superhero comic book and movie fan. A lot of my knowledge comes from the movies or series or animated programs. But when it comes to the universe as a whole, I can name more obscure Marvel characters than DC ones.


With that out of the way—I am enjoying this game… a lot! I love how players have to make their own character who is actually featured in the story and cut-scenes. I made a guy called Senor Suave, a Sombrero wearing, moustache having, gun toting bad guy with extra Suave. It’s so cool to see him hanging out with the DC’s Rogue Gallery in cut-scenes and to see him running around and causing chaos.


The gameplay is as to be expected. You fight and solve puzzles to progress the story. The HUB world is a bit lacklustre in my opinion. While it is nice to have Gotham, Smallville, Metropolis, The Swamp and Arkham to explore, these areas feel very condensed and honestly, I feel a tad claustrophobic running around in these narrow streets and it just doesn’t have that yearning to be explored like previous titles, like Marvel Superheroes.


But hey! You can whip out a phone and take selfies! (Which I have been doing a lot of)

The story is quite interesting. The Justice League has been eradicated by a new Justice Syndicate who are actually better bad guys than the bad guys! Now the actual bad guys have to foil the plans of the new bad guys and… well, there’s a lot of bad guys!


I’m enjoying this game though I will admit, I wish the HUB world was bigger in scale like the one in Marvel Superheroes… but at the end of the day, this is just another fun Lego Game!