ARPGs and Metal

A quick look at the meshing of video games and music!

So my friends and I figured out that we can start a group session in Spotify where we all listen to the same song at the same time and add to the queue on the fly. We also figured out that we can have this running on our Xboxes while we are playing games, so naturally we went on an ARPG binge upon discovering this amazing feature. So here are a list ARPGs that you should try playing while listening to music (preferably Metal) with your friends.




This is a no brainer as it is the big daddy of all ARPGs. It’s just a game that allows players to turn their brains off and chill out while listening to some badass metal rifts and drowning in the blood and guts of their enemies.

Diablo 2


Victor Vran


This game is so metal that is actually has a Motorhead DLC. Victor Vran is a lot of fun with friends and although it has a classless system and isn’t as complicated as Diablo, the combat is fast-paced and it has a jump button! Also, the main dude is voiced by the same actor who voiced Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher Games. If you like Gothic horror give this a go while listening to some Batushka!

Victor Vran


Remnant: From The Ashes


Imagine Dark Souls but with guns, that’s Remnant: From The Ashes. The game isn’t new to me as I initially played it when it came onto Gamepass but jumped back into it recently and I have to admit; it is such an underrated game. You actually have to find your perks and it has a bit of a Lovecraftian vibe at first, really fits well with some death metal too.



Titan Quest

Like games?

Like Greek Mythology?

This game is for you! And it fits well with Greek Black Metal bands like Rotting Christ!

Titan Quest


Grim Dawn


Recently put on Xbox, Grim Dawn is a Gothic Horror ARPG with a hybrid class system and it actually fits well with Dark Country music (Yes, look it up, it is a genre.)

Grim Dawn


Gaming and music go hand-in-hand, especially when the music is as face paced as the game.


And with Spotify’s new ability to let friends have a group session, it is really exploring the boundaries of making music more social in a world where everyone is mostly staying home playing video games.

So headbang while you slay! 


It’s a natural fit then that music and gaming go hand-in-hand!