Sims 4 Finally Adds Werewolves but…

Sims 4 has added Werewolves that look a little tame to me… and cute?

Well, The Sims 4 is adding Werewolves, which is quite exciting as I’ve been wanting that for so long, but… they look a tad… cute? The trailer was brief and just acted as a reveal while the game pack is dropping this month, maybe we will see more before then though I wouldn’t be surprised if we get a radio silence as The Sims community is still reeling from that abysmal launch of Wedding Stories.

The Sims 4 Werewolves look different from their counterparts in previous Sims titles. The weird fur beasts of Sims 2 were replaced by the Teenwolf styled Sims 3 wolves and now Sims 4 has added what can only be described as a furry. Yes… when I first saw the grand reveal, I immediately pictured that very disturbing animated skirt called Furry Force by College Humour (Watch at your own risk).

I’m not sure why they look so cute, it’s a little weird but according to a snippet in the trailer, we will be able to customize them as there was a scene of a wolf having different coats and looks so hopefully we can make them look a little meaner, this look from the trailer looks more like a humanoid domesticated dog than a werewolf. Meh, maybe I just like scary things.

A new world is also being introduced, which is always exciting. 

There seems to be a Punk style involved with the create a sim and Build/buy section of the game. I got some heavy 90s punk vibes from the attire and build section.


Let’s hope this game is more well-rounded than the previous pack, which really irked the playerbase. And let’s hope the Wolves can truly be edited. If not, I am sure mods will step in.