Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodhunt adds a new mode but is it enough to save this embattled game?

A new mode in Bloodhunt adds some variety to the game! But is it enough?

At first, Bloodhunt has won over fans with its fast-paced gun play and quick movement system as players climb up buildings and jump around, all while shooting each other to bits before feeding off each other, because you know… Vampires! But the player count has dwindled recently, which I still can’t wrap my head around because the game plays well. But this hasn’t stopped the devs from trying new things.

They have added a new mode which caters to a more casual crowd. That mode is a traditional Team Deathmatch, and it is a ton of fun. It’s great for players pressed for time or new players who want to practice their shooting skills and get to grips with the movement system.


Though there are hardly any tactics in this mode. It really is a just drop in, try shoot someone and repeat, which offers that quick gameplay that players would hopefully like. The maps are smaller chunks of the larger battle-royale map so expect to be set upon at every corner. The narrow streets of Prague make for some tight shoot outs on the roads, but the sparse open rooftops make for some sniping action.


The mode adds some variety to the game and I hope they will add more modes on top of what they already have. It’s good to see Devs trying new things with their games and going against the norm. While Developer SharkMob is a smaller team with a big franchise in their hands, I really hope they can pull through and turn this game around. Though, as things look now, the player count is quite low and the matchmaking times are long, making it frustrating to find a game. Only time will tell if Bloodhunt will rise or meet its final death in the coming months.