A quick look at Fortnite’s new Season!

With a lacklustre battlepass but good mechanics, this season is an oddball

This is a weird season. While the Battlepass is lacklustre to say the least, the gameplay mechanics are quite fresh and exciting, making this season quite the oddball. The storyline has taken a dark turn, leaving the hero team, The Seven, in dire straits, as they have been absorbed by a new enemy called Chrome. Now it is up to Jones and players to figure things out as they battle a new character called The Herald, who has some eerily similarities to last chapter’s Cube Queen.


New to the game is the Chrome mechanic and Chrome Splashes. These allow players to turn into a blob of Chrome that can dash and move fast. It makes getting around a lot quicker. Players can also walk through chrome walls, so you will have to keep your head on a swivel when inside a building.

Areas of the map have been taken over my the Chrome and it is set to gradually spread around the map as the season progresses. There are some locations and buildings that have been rigged with giant balloons which have pulled them off the ground in an attempt to protect them from the Chrome. These will also move around apparently, so expect the map this season to change quite a bit as time goes on.


This season is the Halloween season as well, so I am quite excited to see what Fortnitemares has in stores for us this October as this is the best time of year for Fortnite.


This season’s pass is had a few interesting characters and introduces Brie Larson as The Paradigm but other than these characters it just feels bland. Sure we get Spider-Gwen but another Marvel crossover? These are getting boring now. I’d love to see some Pixar characters make their way to Fortnite, as now it just seems every other season is a Marvel character.


Anyway, while the battlepass is ‘meh’ the new mechanics make for a good time at least.