Trying not to lose my head in Mordhau

Spoiler alert: I failed badly, but getting decapitated is fun in Mordhau!

Mordhau is a pvp slasher game with some crazy ragdoll physics and ridiculous gore. The game is just pure chaos and a bit of a meme fest as some players just play the lute while everyone else yells at each other and chops each others’ heads off. It’s great fun! While the combat is quite deep and requires some skill, I don’t mind getting chopped in two so often because of how fun and silly the community is. This game has more in common with Monty Python than it does anything else with how loony everything and everyone is. The character’s voices are ridiculous, the perks like turning your character into a big tall tank or a tiny dwarf is hilarious, and the gore is just outright silly. The game doesn’t take itself seriously and this is evident during the first few seconds of the training intro, although there are a lot of unlocks that can be purchased using the coins players earn for doing well. You have a Horde mode character as well as standard characters for PVP as well as custom slots. These slots act just like Call of Duty’s create a class system and the more you put on your character, the more load out points you use up. This adds a bit of tactics to the game. Do you go with a character with a tank perk and an enormous axe and a full set of heavy armour or do you play as a character with light armour, making him more nimble, but stock him with bear traps and a bow?

I’m driven to unlock more stuff for my characters and create my own classes, which is the main progression loop of the game. While the combat is tricky, I am learning how to parry and trick people into a parry, then jab them in the face with the tip of my sword. The game is just quick, good fun and I’m a little hooked, like some sorry sob on the tip of a pike!