Let’s Eat Some Brains with Stubbs The Zombie

Brains! Brains? Braaaaaaaaaains!

I remember when Stubbs The Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse came out when the original Xbox was still a thing. I never got to play it back then but I was overjoyed when I got a notification from the Epic Games Store that the classic game would be free. Naturally, I downloaded it and tried it out and despite it being a heavily aged game, I quite enjoy it.




Yes, you play as a zombie named Stubbs. And what do zombies in a 1950’s retro future world want? Brains! When do they want them? Now!


As a zombie you can smack humans, chow down on their brains (converting them to a zombie as well) and as the game progresses, you can throw your guts at humans which acts as a sticky bomb, control your severed hand to take control of unlucky humans with guns, roll your head at groups of humans (Stubbs must have been a bowler in his living days) and fart which acts as an AOE that stuns humans and makes them ripe for being chomped upon.




The game’s story is light which isn’t a problem. Stubbs is going around eating brains and has a crush on his former girlfriend so he’s running around trying to find her at the same time. And that’s about it? There’s some bosses here and there and different enemy types that get added to the game ranging from cops to SWAT, hill billies and their chainsaw wielding dim-witted kin as well as different types of military and scientist guys. You can also grab the unfortunate civilian that stumbles in your path.




Although it isn’t an open world, the levels are surprisingly big though you are still on a linear path. I can’t recall if there has been another game where you play as a zombie quite like this. There has been PVP games and more strategy games where you are a zombie overlord but playing Stubbs has made be long for an open world eat-em-up game.


Stubbs is a quirky game and if you ever want to check it out, look for it on the Epic Games Store.