New Spawn Figures by McFarlane Toys

A look at some new Spawn Figures

Spawn is Todd McFarlane’s baby. It’s no wonder he will do what he must to keep the character relevant —I mean, I would. Spawn is a badass character. Todd (also known as God Father Todd to me, at least) also loves action figures and Spawn just translates well into plastic form. So it makes total sense that there will be countless variants of the character in the comics being translated into figure form. We saw it with Gunslinger Spawn and Mandarin Spawn, keep in mind that these are actually different characters, different people who took up the Spawn mantle over the course of history.


Anyway, enough nerding about, let us look at some figures!


Ninja Spawn

I pre-ordered this guy. I love Ninjas and I think Spawn is a badass so when the two of them get put together, I must acquire said mash-up. This figure looks cool though I can see some gripes, there are parts of him where they omitted paint so I will have to dabble with some painting of metal plates and stitching which I don’t mind but it would have been nice if they just painted those things. Also, his swords are made of that crappy plastic colour, it won’t be the first time I pain a figure’s weapons with a metallic silver. But the sculpt looks so good, look at his face!

Ninja Spawn

Throne Spawn


This one is really a novelty item, it’s basically Spawn with his cape cut short so it looks like he is sitting properly on his throne, and that’s the only pose he will look okay in. The cut cape is a little weird for other poses and I wish a full cape was included to clip onto his neck. So, this one would be a pass for me.

Throne Spawn

Raven Spawn (Again)


We have seen a Raven Spawn before but this one comes with different weapons? Yeah, McFarlane often does this. They released Gunslinger Spawn with his rifle as an exclusive then released the same figure again but with a minigun for everyone else. I am not sure if Raven Spawn was originally an exclusive but for those that missed out on him, here he is again with different tools of his trade.

Raven Spawn



I literally know nothing about this character but it looks like something out of a Venom or Carnage comic which makes sense because Venom was designed by Todd.


OvertKill Mega Figure


The wave would not be complete with out a huge hunk of plastic, and this giant cyborg looks ugly and badass!


These figures are out now and can be found online.