Conan Exiles The Age of Sorcery Impressions Part 4: The Terrible Launch and the bugs (oh, the bugs!)

Spoiler alert, it was not smooth

Despite how awesome the Conan Exiles Age of Sorcery update is in terms of content and spicing things up, I feel it could have been kept in the oven for at least another month. The update broke the game when it launched with invisible armour sets, invisible enemies (which still happens on occasion), I spent an entire week unable to see enemy health bars or split/repair items in my inventory because my game would lock up. The game is still having rendering issues on Xbox One and it outright crashes as soon as I go near a big base, though I think this is due to the fact that I am on Xbox One. I wouldn’t be surprised if this game becomes incompatible with the Xbox One in the future. It really struggles on that console, though in truth, it always has. Conan Exiles hasn’t been the smoothest game on Xbox One and this was exemplified after trying it out on my laptop.  

Two 40 gig patches were released to fix some of the more glaring issues. Which is why I still maintain this update could have benefited from being cooked a little longer.  

I told my friends that I was blown away when V Rising was released into early access earlier this year and how smooth that game was compared to the launch of this update for Conan Exiles that has been out for much longer. While the game is in a much better state than it was when the update went live, it’s still a little buggy. I’ve had a friend I play with report frame drops on Xbox Series X, though this only happened once to him.

I do think the days of Conan Exiles on Xbox One are numbered, though.

But there is no denying that the game was in a broken state when the update went live and the entire community reeled in agony at just how broken it was.

Conan Exiles: The Age of Sorcery is a turning point in the game’s lifespan and despite the annoying bugs and crashes and broken bits of the update, I am looking forward to what happens next. Is this a step in the right direction? While it depends on who you ask as some people may be annoyed at the Battlepass and all that, for me personally—I think this update is a big step in the right direction for this game’s future. I have no idea what else they can add on top of this besides new free maps (please bring the modded map ‘The Savage Wilds’ to Xbox) whatever Funcom has cooking in their idea pool, I’m sure it will be just as awesome as The Age of Sorcery (and probably be just as buggy at launch too)