Conan Exiles The Age if Sorcery Impressions Part 3: Battlepass & Illusionary System

Part 3 of my dive into Conan Exiles’ new update is all about the Battlepass and Illusionary System!

Here are my thoughts on the Battlepass in Conan Exiles. A Battlepass is a lucrative form of monetization for video games these days and personally, I don’t mind it.


This Battlepass is probably the least grindy one I have seen in a game. It’s easy to level up, especially when you save your XP multipliers for the Rare and Legendary quests. The pass has 60 ranks. Within three weeks of playing, I am already halfway through the 30s. Considering the Pass is said to be thirteen weeks long, I will be finished with it long before that end date arrives. It also helps that challenges can be completed in all types of servers, being official servers, private servers as well as singleplayer/co-op servers. And yes, you can complete them with admin commands by teleporting where you need to visit or spawning in what you need to kill. The Pass has some interesting items. Some skins for horses and sorcery inspired outfits and weapon skins.

Overall, I’ve enjoyed chasing it and seeing as though it isn’t very grindy, it has been less stressful as chasing other Battlepasses in other games. My only gripe with the pass is that it only gives you enough Crom Coins to buy the next pass. There’s no extra pocket change like in Fortnite, for example. So if you are really only making what you need for the next pass, which is a bummer, in my opinion.

As for the shop, there has been some cool stuff in rotation these past few weeks. But to be honest, there’s more value in the Battle Pass and seeing as though you only make enough Crom Coins to invest in the next pass, I’ve ignored the shop entirely.

 The Illusionary System

With all these new outfits and weapon skins, naturally one would ask if they can wear an armour set with good stats but make it look like another set that looks cooler? Well, with the new Illusionary system, that is entirely possible now. This is a welcome feature to the game and one that I have been using a lot. I love the Spartan Armour look from a Medium set but my character’s skills are boosted by a certain heavy armour set. So I just made the heavy armour set in question and applied the Medium armour Spartan look as a skin. Now I can run around pretending I’m a Spartan warrior who smacks people in the face with daggers, because why not?

This new system had added an extra layer of customisation to players, which is always a fun addition.