Conan Exiles: The Age of Sorcery Impressions Part 2: The Building Overhaul & Creative Mode

A look at the new Building Overhaul and Creative Mode in Conan Exiles: The Age of Sorcery

The building system in Conan Exiles is the best building in a survival game that I have had the privilege of exploring. The game encourages players to build beautiful palaces and ornate lounges and houses. How things used to be was quite a process. Players had to find the building piece they wanted to craft, craft all of it, and then place it down. With all the DLCs it really clogged up the craft menu. Now building has been streamlined to a new Construction Hammer. When equipping this nifty tool, a build menu pops up broken up into various categories from actual walls and floors to crafting benches and decorations/storage. The system is easier to navigate and builders will enjoy a quicker building process.

Conan Exiles Building

Creative mode is a new mode which should have been in the game from the start, as so many other survival games feature this type of mode. When a player activates Admin mode, an option appears in their pause menu for ‘Creative Mode’. This turns off combat, activates a toggle-able fly mode and allows them to build without needing resources. I have had a ton of fun in this mode, building and experimenting with different shapes.

While theoretically a Creative Mode existed in the game prior, if players activated Admin controls and spawned in all their building pieces, this new dedicated mode is more streamlined and easier to use with less fuss.   

Conan Exiles Building Tree house

I imagine builders in the community will spend hours, if not days, in this mode as they push the building mechanic of Conan Exiles to the limits, and I can only imagine how fun it must be with building mods on PC.

Conan Exiles’ new building system and creative mode is a welcome addition to the game and it will appease the builders who can now have a better experience with this mechanic.