Foxhole hits its 1.0 Release on September 28th!

You haven’t played a game quite like this before!

Foxhole is a special little game. While other shooters succeed in fast-paced action in quick matches, Foxhole tries a different approach in a persistent war where instead of quick matches players are warring over territories and fighting over bridges or supply routes. While this is basically two games in one, one section being all about logistics and keeping the war effort afloat and well stocked, I must admit I have not dabbled with this section of the game so I don’t have anything to say about it, I have played the other section of the game, the war effort itself.

Being on the front lines is quite the experience in Foxhole. From moments of pure chaos where I was running back and forth between a mounted turret and the bunker, lugging ammo to-and-fro as the player who manned the gun was the only thing keeping the enemies at bay only for me to return after an ammo run and see him get blasted by artillery shelling, while The Wardens (my enemies) charged through our lines—to moments of calm where I was spotting for a sniper who was mowing down Wardens as they came round a corner. It was a night of laughing and chatting with the occasional, “Oh, there’s one!” followed by an ear-piercing shot and a simple, “Got him…” before we carried on talking about games and movies. Foxhole shines in its community and moment-to-moment gameplay. I once joined in too late after the war had been fought and then players from both sides formed a fight club where music was played and chats were had while players from both sides lined up and beat one another up for sport. It is a very social game, especially with the push-to-talk feature. While I spend the majority of my time running around like a headless chicken, screaming at the top of my lungs, I enjoy this game and the unique experience it offers. 

 So you can imagine my excitement when a new update was announced. The game hits its 1.0 release and with it comes Trains, a railway system, flame throwers (What is that? What smell do you like in the mornings?) and huge tide changing vehicles. The game is already a blast to play, and now it looks to be even more chaotic. So I am fully prepared to run around like a headless chicken while screaming at the top of my lungs as someone roasts me with a flamethrower. 

This is peak gaming right here! 

Foxhole is available on Steam in early access and hits its 1.0 release on September 28th.   

*Hopefully this article convinces my one friend to get it so we can run around together like chickens with our heads cut off while screaming at the top of our lungs…*