Re-Watching WWZ (Again)

I watched WWZ again, and it’s still worth it despite some stupid characters

What is it with me and watching the same movies again and again? I must have seen this movie a dozen times by now yet, the other night I was bored and saw it pop up on Netflix so I decided to watch it…again.

Now I have to ask, what is it about zombies that keep bringing me back to them? This movie had by far one of the most realistic approaches to a zombie outbreak, even though at times the characters were just plain stupid as an excuse to move the plot along. Watching this movie post COVID-19 made things like The CDC, World Health Organisation and the army’s role in the film hold more gravity. I understood their roles a little more now. The movie suffers from characters who make idiotic decisions for the sole purpose of moving plot along or creating tension. Like, for example, the security around Jerusalem letting a girl take the mic (which I think was connected to the outward speakers) and start singing in celebration. What? Really? We have already established the zombies are attracted to noise and you think this is a good idea? And only after the zombies have made their way up the wall by piling up around it, do the helicopters swoop in and start shooting. That entire scene is my biggest gripe with the movie.

Other than that, these zombies were the fast kind and were relentless in their pursuit of spreading. They swarm, pile up, jump, and run after their prey.

The whole movie was basically a horde game in cinematic format. There have been rumours about a sequel for years no but nothing has come of it. I suppose we are left with watching the same movie over and over again until then, if it ever comes. But I don’t mind because it was a fun movie.