The Wandering Village gets a Release Date

This game has been on my watch list for a long time and it finally got a release date!

Do you like city building/management games? Do you enjoy watching little people be more productive than you? Do you like the idea of testing yourself to see how long you can keep your city going before it dies off?

Well, The Wandering Village is a cute looking little game where you build and manage a village atop the back of a giant creature who wanders around a toxic world, so not only are you looking after your people but you need them to look after the creature whose back is your home. The creature in question is called Onbu and it’s big but also needs to be fed and needs to lie down for a nap.

I tried out the demo and fell in love with the art style of this game as well as the music. It reminded me of Fallout Shelter’s 2.5D style, where the environment is 3D and the characters are 2D. In The Wandering Village the buildings are 2D as well.

You have to assign citizens to buildings to do their jobs, for example, if you want a Doctor you need to build a Healer’s hut and assign someone to that hut to be the Doctor, similar to Northgard’s system.

Resources are finite on Onbu, so you can send out scouts to nearby places to look for resources or new people. While food can be grown on Onbu, you will need lots of it, so your greatest resource is people.

You can also build a horn to control the gigantic beast as there are crossroads along his path. You can see what’s coming, whether it is a different biome or a gas cloud or a good spot for him to nap. The horn will let you choose which path he takes.

But this game is hard, because you can lose everything quite quickly. The different biomes each have their challenges and I found myself on a slow-sinking ship as my people and Onbu slowly died off, this happened as my Onbu took a nap in a poison cloud. So there is a ton of management in this game.

The Wandering Village seems to be a unique experience and I am looking forward to the 14th of September, which is when the game launches on Steam.