Why I am looking forward to Halloween and Christmas time in Gaming

I love video games! That’s no secret. But I also like the spooky Halloween season as well as the festive Christmas season. So when games update to correspond with this time of year—I’m all for it!


Fortnite does it the best, though (in my opinion). While the world of Fortnite gets some spooky decorations, the game changes as well. There’s normally their Fortnitemares event that spices things up. What it will be this year is anyone’s guess. Also, some of their best skins come to the shop during the month of October. I’m not ashamed to say that I have been hoarding my V-Bucks for this.    

Then comes Christmas when the map changes considerably and we are treated to snow and Christmas lights in bushes and decorations. Last time we could open gifts each day in a cabin, and even earned some Christmas themed skins.

Though Fortnite isn’t the only game that gets its festive pants on.

Fallout 76 has Halloween ingratiated into its lore as October was the month the bombs dropped. I expect there to be an event in that game too.

No doubt shooters like Call of Duty and Destiny 2 will have fun things to do as well.

Normally Red Dead Online has some horror themed game modes, but I don’t expect anything from that game seeing as though Rockstar has taken a step back from it.


But what else could we see? Will the Grave Matters event return to Conan Exiles?   


Whatever floats your boat—I’m sure it will have spooky and festive stuff to explore this year. I for one love this time of year for video games as the world winds down and all my friends get off work to spend their days in front of the Xbox or PC. It’s the best time of year for us gamers!