So I Watched Day Shift

A fun action movie with some good practical effects

 Day Shift was a fun movie. With the right blend of action and comedy as well as cool practical effects and a good cast, it hit all the right spots. Though some plot points were rushed, the movie still delivered an entertaining experience. Starring Jamie Foxx, Snoop Dogg, Dave Franco — the main cast were a lot of fun though we spent the majority of the movie with Jamie Foxx and Dave Franco whose chemistry on screen made for such a comedic paring, with Foxx’s down to business attitude and Dave Franco’s constant panic mode.


The action scenes were very well done, and I was surprised to see a scene with Scott Adkins doing his signature stunts and showing off good fighting skills. I appreciated the movie’s approach for more practical stunts over CGI. This had me grinning during a car chase scene, but the best part of this movie was the Vampires because they hired actual contortionists to be the vampires and do those crazy stunts. It was crazy to see people bend their bodies in such unnatural ways, but I loved every second of it.

I wish this movie could have been longer as some plot lines were so brief that when it all connected up at the end; they had very little impact. But this didn’t hurt the movie too much because after all, this was just a fun, funny action movie where Jamie Foxx slays some vampires. I’m hoping we get to see more of this world, though Netflix seems to like the idea of basing Vampire movies in LA, much like their previous Vampire outing named Night Teeth. I’d like to see some variety in location with their next Vampire movie.


Day Shift is live on Netflix so if you want to relax and watch a crazy action movie, then I can highly recommend it.