Fortnite’s New Crossover Event should be a Staple for future events to come

I hope this kind of event becomes a standard thing in the future!

While I am not well versed in the fantastical world of Dragon Ball-Z, I can appreciate the effort that has been put into this crossover event in Fortnite. While normally a crossover comes solely in the form of skins to be bought in the shop, Epic added onto that with a mini-Dragon Ball battle pass free for everyone to earn some cosmetics related to the franchise by doing Dragon Ball-Z themed quests. The map is filled with containers that fall from the sky where players can get their hands on two very powerful Dragon Ball-Z related powers. The Flying Nimbus is a traversal tool that throws players into the sky and allows them to glide away on the cartoon yellow cloud while the ‘Kamehameha’ is the iconic power attack from the franchise that can kill another player outright though it only has three charges as well as a cool down between each charge. Players will have to hunt down the containers that drop on the map or find the Dragon Ball-Z vending machines and use their gold to get them.
These weapons are really cool and fun to use and it gets hectic when other players try to blast you as you hear them yelling ‘Kamehameha!’ as your screen turns blue to indicate that you are in their sights. Which is where the Nimbus Cloud comes in handy.

The skins are any fan’s dream come true and the amount of Goku’s I’ve seen is ridiculous. The mini-Dragon Ball-Z themed battlepass ends up giving players a glider that comes in the form of Shenron (the giant green dragon for those like me who aren’t full aware of these things)

I hope Fortnite carries on with this kind of battlepass in the future. It’s a way to include everyone, even fans who may not want to fork out V Bucks for characters they may not know all too well, but with this new pass system, those players can still get some items related to the crossover.